Friday, 1 June 2007

My First Car: The Swiss Style!

On January 2007, upon arriving at the Aeroport de Geneve, we were awaited by Aida Shafinaz, one of the MITI officer currently resided in Geneve.  She took us to the parking lot dedicated for diplomats having the CD-plate no.  My first impression was "Oh my God! how small is the parking place!

For a few weeks, we have to rely on public transportation since we were required to have proper ID to qualify us to buy a car.  In the meantime, we went from one garage to another to look for a used car for us to use. We were planning to have two cars so that I could independently use as my "supir" function. The proceeds of our disposal of our car and motorbike in Malaysia was then used to buy the used car in cash and we would resort to take loans for another car.  Our budget was somewhat around CHF4,000 to CHF5,000.  No more and no less than that and it must be an automatic car!

We used online business search such as to filter the choices that we had. So, every time we found the car that meet our requirement, we would go the garage to have a look and feel experience with car.

After endless searches, we managed to find a Mazda 323 car that fits our requirements. Compact and fit that can squeeze in the small parking place.  Sleek and sportive for me with 4 doors easy to put the carseat for the baby.  Not too old, more than 10 years of service (I think so...) for usage within Geneva locality ( Ahh... not so, so true.. hahahha ) but the main thing is that the engine ran smoothly. Since, we did not have the legitimate card (LegiCard), we have to wait until it was issued to be able to purchase the car.

The first thing we did was to test drive the car out of Geneva by taking a short trip to Lausanne.. test power of the car.... although it's more than 10 years... it is still powerful...

We decided to take the route along Lake Geneva... cruising down the road at a leisure pace... stopping by any town that we fancy.... have a break n enjoy our nasi lemak next to the lake... even brought along extra bread for Ashraf to feed ducks....

~ yatiseman~

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