Saturday, 20 June 2009

Black Forest: The Place, Not the Gateux!

We made two trips to the Black Forest region. The initial trip was the exploratory one while the second one was with a special purpose; to purchase a specialty of this region got to offer!

Black Forest brings specific things in mind. The pine forest, the hipped roof houses, and the name always associated with the famous "Blackforest" cake (English name of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte dessert). Yet, some people do not know the Black Forest is indeed a beautiful and wild place in Germany, famous for its own unique specialties other than the cake itself!

A breathtaking view of Black Forest with hipped roof houses and pine trees

Typical view of Black Forest

Black Forest is a mountainous at Southwestern of Germany bordering Swiss on the Northern side and can be easily accessible from Swiss through the Basel exit point (All exit points to Germany need to use Basel!). As this is the largest nature park in Germany that stretches approximately 150 km from north to south and on average 50 km from west to east. Black Forest is considered the mecca for nature lovers! Fall is the best time to visit Black Forest because the green forest magically  is transformed into shades of red, orange and brown views.  Very breathtaking and magical indeed!

1st Day: Geneve to Freiburg
Our initial trip to Black Forest was on the third day of Aidilfitri in 2007. Packing ourselves with the balance of raya foods, we headed to the Black Forest, Germany for a vacation. It's just an overnight trip, so we were only covering the Southern part of Black Forest.

Among the famous towns within Black Forest famous with tourists includes Freiburg, Titisee, Triberg and many more. Our first trip weekend trip to Black Forest area was to explore the region with our first stop at the largest city there know as Freiburg. Then, we continued our journey to Triberg and then coming down via Titisee and then back Swiss border town, Basel.

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