Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Our first trip together...

27th January 2002, the year when we tied and solemnized our love in a simple akad nikah followed by the wedding banquet on the first day of Chinese New Year that year. Just a week after our wedding, hubby had to go to Mexico for two weeks for APEC meeting. It seems this trend continues on in our marriage... To be left home while hubby on working trips!

Mungkin rezeki pengantin baru rasanya, I won a free ground handling voucher for a 4D3N free n easy trip to Perth courtesy of MAS Golden Holiday! So while hubby is enjoying Mexico, I made the necessary arrangement to utilize the MAS travel entitlement and free gift for our honeymoon trip to Perth, Australia.

In Perth, we stayed at Ambassador Hotel which is just a walking distance to Perth downtown. So, we spent most of city walking trips exploring Perth. On second day, we took the city trip (part of the complementary package) around Perth. We fall in love with Freemantle city and the King's Park especially the hill overlooking Perth city. But somehow, we felt that taking travel tour not adventurous. Had to follow all the trips as per the package! 
Tour at the King's Park
The next day, we decided to rent a car to explore Perth and its surrounding more intimately. Very cheap indeed the rate to rent a Toyota Echo fit for the two of us.  We spent the day touring the Swan Valley with our first stop to Caversham Wildlife Park visiting the family of Kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats and koala bears, the exotic Australian animals. The wombats and koala bears are super sensitive animals and we need to be extra care with them to avoid stressing them out! But one thing, wombats sometimes resemble u-know-what-animal-that-Muslim-can't-touch especially on the snouts part! All in all, it was enjoyable and fun moment at Caversham! 

With the Koalas
With Mr. Wombat

Afterwards, we continued to visit the main attraction in Swan Valley, the vineyards. They are so many vineyards here so we decided to just pick in random that is opened to public.  We participated in the vineyard tour and observed the wine making process all except for the tasting parts.  Snap a photo of the oldest and still productive grape tree, almost 100 years old!

After Swan Valley, we made another tour around King's Park and this time, we prepared some lunch for picnic there overlooking Perth! The next journey was to head to Freemantle town again! But this time, we made many stops along the way. Our first stop was at the University of Western Australia absorbing the educational experience in Australia! Berangan sekejap nak sambung belajar kat sini! Then we headed straight Freemantle and made our next stop at one of the beaches along the Western Australia coast. The sea was quite rough but saw some die-hard surfers trying out their luck with the big waves! Sesat juga ya with only map as our navigator. But we managed to reach the Freemantle market and spent our remaining day here again.  

On our last day, we spent mostly sightseeing the city of Perth.  It's not as big as KL.. only walking distance.  We visited the Grand Station and basked ourselves in the architecture of Perth.  

All in all, our first trip as a couple although not well prepared but satisfying. I did not dream that we had our opportunity for honeymoon in Perth but memang dah rezeki!  


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