Monday, 13 July 2009

Dari Cambridge ke Newark


My friend Khairizan @Soul is her nickname in a biking forum. I knew her through superbiking interest. We told our Soul that we are going to arrive at her place between 7.00 and 8 p.m. The landmarks were very simple..the kubur and traffic lights. I found the kubur and traffic lights but not the house so called '911' for help. Thanks to her for providing tempat berteduh for 2 nights...thanks Soul for your great hospitality! and and not to forget, the dinners...:-)

From Soul's house, next morning we depart for Drayton Manor Park which is 100 km from Newark. That's because we wanted to bring our kids to enjoy Thomas Land, the place of Thomas and his friends - James, Gordon, Hendry, Emelli, Fat Controller etc etc etc. Kids should know them better!

When we arrived there we saw people already queuing up but the lines were moving quite fast. We waited for less than 15 minutes and finally we got our tickets. The kids first saw the big-Gordon.


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