Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jelajah Andalusia, Sepanyol - Around Malaga

The last day in Spain was spent exploring the city of Malaga until our departure time to Geneve. Malaga province with its Costa del Sol has around 160km of beaches facing the Mediterranean sea. We decided to visit one of the beaches known as Los Alamos beach.  Oh yeah! its winter time, so we would not able to see the typical beach view of people sunbathing, swimming and surfing.  It's just that we missed beach view since Switzerland is a land-locked country and that seeing beaches were like a-dream-come-true experience! In fact, its the first time for Alya to see the sea and beaches while Ashraf and Afif were so awed by the powerful waves.  It was very windy and the sound of big waves crashing towards the beach was so awesome for them.

Easyjet's Network in Europe
So we bid adios to Spain and headed to the Malaga Costa del Sol airport only to find out that our flight was cancelled! The only flight was in another two days! Luckily, Easyjet's customer service was so helpful! They rebooked us to the next available flights which was two days after since all flights out of Malaga via other destinations was fully booked. Hmmm extended vacation again in Malaga! They also managed to secure accommodation in Malaga for us complimentary from Easyjet. This is a normal procedure for airlines in the event they cancelled flight if cancellation was done by the airlines and that provision of alternate routes or flight beyond 8 hours waiting time. 

Citroen C3
So now we had extension of stay in Malaga and arranged for car rental from the same company.  Luck was on our side, we managed to get another car and this time a compact car from the same car company, a Citroen C3!  It seemed that in Malaga, we were able to "test-drive" different models of Citroen's cars! However, the rental rate was slightly expensive due to last minute rent.  What to do.. redha je la.... We headed to check in the hotel provided by Easyjet.  It's smaller that the apartment that we rented before but beggars can't be chooser.  At least, we have  a place to stay on.  But what to do, where to visit ?  Hmmmm... At last, we decided to head south to the end of the European continent towards Gibraltar!


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