Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weird and interesting facts about Switzerland

A landlocked nation of Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, cheese, and chocolate. But there are some unknown facts. When we first arrived Geneva, Switzerland, we heard about some weird (sometimes weirdest) facts about Switzerland. We never experienced them all but here are the 16 weird and interesting facts about Switzerland:

(1)  It is illegal to keep just one guinea pig or hamster. You got to have them in pairs.

(2) A man may not relieve himself while standing up after 10 pm. Also, you are not supposed to flush the toilet after 10 pm if you live in an apartment.

Keep it it until the morning!

(3) It is considered an offense to mow your lawn on a Sunday because it causes too much noise.

(4) Clothes may not be hung to dry on Sunday.

No hanging on Sunday please!

(5) You may not wash your car on a Sunday or you cannot wash your car nearby your premise. Please use the DIY car wash facilities.

It is illegal to wash your car at home

 (6) In some small towns in Switzerland it is illegal to ride down hills with a bike.

(7) If you forget you car-keys inside the car and you leave the car open, you might get fined.

(8) It is an offence to walk when riding an escalator.

(9) Anyone appealing a speeding fine will have the fine doubled.

(10) All stores are usually closed by 7 pm.

(11) If you want to buy groceries on Sunday (or after working hours), go to a gas station. Many stations (especially Migrol which is owned by Migros) are mini supermarkets. Another place to shop is at larger train stations, or airports, where mini-markets are almost always open from 6 am to 10 pm. 

Migros at Aeroport de Geneve...
the only shop opened on Sunday
(12) License plates are issued to individuals. If you sell the car and buy a new one, you keep the plate. 

(13) You can own 2 or 3 cars but with only one license plate. You will need to display the plate on the car that you want to drive.

"CD" or diplomatic plate for Canton Geneve (GE)
Normal car plate for Canton Geneve (GE)

(14) Parking spaces are small: just enough (barely) space to park and to exit the space.

(15) A cardboard "parking disc" (which you set to show your arrival time and place on the dashboard) is used for parking in marked colored zones. It's free!

Parking Card..You can park for free!

(16) Switzerland is unique for having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire human population.


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