Wednesday, 4 May 2011

We are into Cycling

I am not very sure how and when. Suddently, I decided to go into cycling. Yap, it was just like that. I have a few friends that are already into cycling like Akula Matiau and Azahari. I had no interest in cycling while I was in Geneva a few years ago. I didn't see it interesting. 

Cycling is not like riding superbike because I'll be the only one riding it - the seat is for one anyway :P This time is with my wife. The main reason why I'm into cycling is because I want to exercise. At least to maintain my weight under 70 kg and to keep my waist below 32 inches...haha.

We spent about two weeks searching for suitable bikes and of course the bikes that are within our budget. It's quite hard for a people like me that knows nothing about cycling - what bike, what gears, prices, brands, types of bikes etc. Majority of the existing websites say nothing about these basic things. They are more interested on jamborees and cycling events. Sellers or shops are dare to publish their prices on the website. We looked on the internet and saw a few bicycle shops around KL. We went one by one looking at the various models and prices, from as low as RM2,000 to RM30,000's bikes. RM30,000 tengok ajer ler.

Merida Juliet

We managed to find bikes within our budget after two weeks of searching. For the cycling gears, problem solved because I've ordered them from UK. I tried to buy them from Malaysia but the prices sometimes very unreasonable. They are 30%-40% cheaper in UK. Now, we are in!


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