Thursday, 28 March 2019

La Vigie...

Looking for a house was a new experience for us.  During our previous posting here, we just took over the previous officer's home and we were lucky to have a duplex apartment with garden.  And now, we are going back to Geneve and there is no house yet as our predecessor has returned home for almost a year and the residence had to be released.

Looking for new house means that we have to consider where do we want to stay; the right side or the left side of Lac Leman and this also determines where the kids will be going to school, the public transportation bla, bla... so many considerations. At last, received feedback from most of our colleagues that the traffic is horrendous crossing the bridge during peak hour times!! So off the checklists for beautiful places such as Cologny, Collonge Bellerive, Hermance etc. So far, we have visited 3 houses on the right side of the lake and all are marvelous (in fact one is a mansion to the boot).

Map of Geneve, showing left and side of the Lac

So now, as the choices became less, we planned to visit few houses near Pregny-Chambesy, Versoix (we used to live here!) and Mies ( it's located in another Canton or district known as Vaud).  We were unlucky as the house in Mies has been taken. Actually, I have fallen in love with this house from photo as the view is very picturesque. The house in Chambesy is far too old and rustic and the other house in Pregny does not have a big living hall! It's not easy to find one to our liking! Our final visit was to Versoix. Walla... we fell in love with it.

The house got a name! La Vigie in French translated as the Lookout.  It seats on a slope and overlooks Lac Leman.  From here, you can view the snow-capped mountains and the beautiful landscape on the other side of the bank such as Cologny, Hermance etc and the Lac. You can even see the airplanes on their route to descend towards the airport.

Sunrise at La Vigie

La Vigie was built in 1908 and recently, has undergone renovation in 2008.  It's an old house with a twist of modern charm.  It sits at the edge of a slope that rolls towards Lac Leman.  At the edge of the bank, a small cottage stands guard.

Boat Cottage, La Vigie

This is our home for the next three years! May Allah bless us this house and ease our journey for the upcoming years. In Sha Allah!


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