Friday, 1 March 2019

Second chance, second home... Welcome back Geneve!

We are back!!!

Alhamdulillah, Alllah gives us a second chance of life in Geneve after nine years leaving this beautiful country. On 25th Jan 2019, we left Malaysia again to pursue a new life in Suisse.  This time the farewell was a bit sad and crowded! The whole clan of Said and Abu Seman's came to bid farewell to us.  It was quite a crowd in KLIA that night!

The Said's clan on the left and the Abu Seman's clan on the right

We arrived at GVA Aeroport around 12 noon the next day. As we get off from the airplane, we were ushered to the tarmac in the cold winter air to get to the waiting room as our luggages were being cleared. Quite a different experience this time as the treatment was more personalized!

For the next one and half month, we stayed at Royal Manotel until we find our new home.  Deja vue again as Royal Manotel has always been the accommodation we chose to stay during our previous life in Geneve ( during arrival and departure). It's so convenience as it is within walking distance to Gare Cornavin (train station) and a tram stop (Môle) just in front of the hotel.

Our first outing in Geneve, in front of Royal Manotel

Not much changes happened in Geneve after nine years leaving it! You can notice a bit difference here and there only... a new supermarche (Lidle) next to the hotel (it used to be a furniture company), many more Halal restaurants including Tasty Chicken (it used to be in France only i.e. at Annemasse and Ferney and now, they branch out in Geneve town) and Migros in Gare which is opened til 11pm (quite convenient as shops here close around 7 pm). It all came back, the memory of the roads, the short cuts, the shops that we used to frequent for Asian food, the Kebab shops and many others as if we never leave this place!

The children are so excited! When we left, Ashraf was just 7 years old, Afif only 4 years and Alya just a toddler! Only Ashraf can still remember bits and pieces of his life here. Alya has been asking for snow... It's just cold but no snow yet. Be patient Alya. Alhamdulillah, few days after that, the snow came although not so heavy but enough to quench their need for snow.

Light snow for the excited kids

The boys at Lac Leman

Let's us explore more...


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