Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Winter in Chamonix, France

During our first year in Geneva, the snow still shy away from us. After the last snow fall, there was no more snow, Ashraf asked again n again for snow but it refused to snow again! So, what now!! We need to chase the snow for him rasanya...

One day, as if answering our bequest, our friend asked us to join them for a ski trip and this wouldbe our second trip out of Geneva. Since, we are car-less yet, we car pooled with kak Normah while Izan & Hairil in their Citroen.  This time we headed for a small, ski town of Chamonix which is famous for its majestic Mont Blanc (the White Mountain!!).

Chamonix is just located 1 hour drive south of Geneva through the French highway A40 or known as the Blanche highway. I was so fascinated with the trip here because most of the time, we have to go over so many bridges or known as viaducts along the highway. In fact, the bridges are very, very tall along the mountainside.  Among the viaducts that we have passed are Viaduct des Egratz.

Chamonix is just a quaint town for skiing... since we are dragging children from age 0 to 12 years, it was not appropriate to take the ski lift to the Mont Blanc... so what we did was strolling the town areas and playing at the mountain hill ski area.

~ yatiseman~

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