Monday, 2 April 2007

Winter in Versoix

Spring now :: flowers blossom everywhere. But I want to recap our first winter experience here in Geneva. We arrived Geneva during the midst of winter around 6th January 2007. Most of the days were gloomy but there was no sign of snowing.

Snow was not a new phenomenon for me.  In the States, the first year I've been there, I've experienced a major blizzard in Lehigh and Boston. As for the boys, this is quite a new experience for them. Ashraf used to experience winter in New Zealand and Istanbul but it did not snow there. Only deep coldness! Back at home in Malaysia, Ashraf always made imaginary snow with my talc powder, my facial tissue and even my flour! All because of Thomas the Tank Engine and its series. I remember one series in which Thomas entered into a tunnel and exited into huge snowbank... and Terence, the Caterpillar had to tow Thomas away... After that, tamat riwayat bedak.. I think the huge Anakku talc powder, 2 bottles... We had that bottles since he was born and he finished them off in only three minutes!

View from our dining hall
So snow finally arrived in Geneva around end of January 2007. When it came, Ashraf was still sleeping but being a very overexcited and over-eager parents, we woke him up to show him the snowflakes coming down. He wanted to play right then. But Abah got to go to work. So he had to wait. Noontime, he was moaning, wanting to play with snow. Finally, relented but he had to play alone because Ibu got to watch for Adik Afif. How happy Ashraf was at that time...  Well, Adik Afif had to watch from inside the house through the glass doors. Too cold for him.

Ashraf. View of our backyard.
Winter in Versoix is so majestic! We don't have to go far to see its beauty. The views from our house were enough to captivate our senses.  Sometimes, both me n hubby drank coffee with the curtain open to reveal the serene winter scene just outside our door! These photos all were taken from our house.

View of frontyard

View of backyard

Sometimes(frequently), the boys would beg to got outside playing with the snow.

Ashraf, Kharlis, and Khaireen Nor

Ashraf at our backyard playing with snow
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